Program Inclusions:

1. Content audit and Gap Analysis Report (valued at $500AUD)

2. Customer attitude and behaviour insights for your industry or niche (valued at $2,000AUD)

3. Personal brand strategy and 90-day action plan (valued at $2,500AUD)

4. Project management to oversee implementation of 90-day action plan (valued at $2,000AUD)

5. 6 x 60-minute work-in-progress sessions designed to keep in touch about key actions address your specific brand growth challenges (valued at $1,500AUD)

Total Value = $8,500AUD

Plan Price $5,000AUD

Thought Leadership Development

This 3-month program has been designed for fast-moving visionary leaders with a lot on their plate (and very little time). This is why we include project management services here.

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