Program Inclusions:

1. Initial half-day intensive workshop with set pre-work to make the most of our time together (valued at $500AUD)

2. Customer attitude and behaviour insights for your industry or niche (valued at $2,000AUD)

3. Development of your four core stories for each stage of the customer journey (valued at $1,000AUD)

4. Style guide and content templates to turn these stories into pieces of media across your key channels (valued at $500AUD)

5. 6-month content plan to penetrate your market with these key stories with your market (valued at $500AUD)

Total Value = $5,000AUD

Plan Price $2,500AUD

Story Plan & Creation

Invite, inspire and influence others to make impactful change!

This is a great solution for businesses who are looking to get clear on the stories they need to tell to generate more customer interest for each stage of they buyer's journey.

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