Vision, Mission and Values

Blog, Slider | 5 Feb 2018 |

So excited about sharing this episode of with you tonight! This week we're talking about building out the very foundation of your business:

Your Vision - why does your company exist - where is it headed?

Your Mission - Who are you and what do you stand for?

Your Values - What are the core principles that will guide your behaviour and the behaviour of others who work with you?

The book I refer to in tonight's episode is "Small Business, Big Vision" by Adam Toren and Matthew Toren

This week's question is: "What steps are you taking right now to start your business?"


Your business brand, culture and operations must all be aligned for you to have a greater impact in the world.

If your brand is saying one thing about your business but your business isn't able to follow-through on what you're promising - your reputation amongst your customers is at risk.

Rethinking your business vision, mission and values is the best place to start.

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