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The Hardy Haberland Show #118: Lauren Kress

By Hardy Haberland | press | 6 Sep 2019 |

Lauren Kress is a business scientist, marketer and growth innovator. She also hosts a podcast called "The Oyster."


Business Scientist, Lauren Kress

By Innovator Diaries, Ricardo Gutierrez | press | 5 Aug 2019 |

Lauren is in love with the sciences. She has always asked why things are done in a certain way. Now, she is the brain behind The Change Makers Collective.


Lauren Kress: What Are The 3 Steps You Must Take To Become a Market Leader?

By John North, Evolvepreneur Podcast | press | 1 Jul 2019 |

Our special expert guest today is Lauren Kress. Lauren Kress is one of the few theoretically-trained scientists and growth innovators of the millennial generation whose knowledge of investment-led growth is transforming decision making in the business world.


Lauren Kress: Business Minutes Podcast

By Joshua Lee, Business Minutes Podcast | press | 28 Jun 2019 |

An Interview with Lauren Kress


Brand You and Your Business with Lauren Kress

By Marty Vids, The Marty Vids Show | press | 27 Jun 2019 |

Lauren believes that business and enterprise are the most practical means by which we enable humanity to not just survive but thrive now and into the future.


The Business Scientist, Lauren Kress, Shares How Science Can Make You a Better Marketer

By Marketing Geeks, Justin Womack & Andros Sturgeon | press | 11 May 2019 |

This week on Marketing Geeks, Justin Womack takes on solo duties for the episode and interviews "The Business Scientist," Lauren Kress about how science can make you a better marketer and a better business person.


The Results Are In! 30 Under 30 Shortlist Revealed

By B&T | press | 26 Mar 2019 |

The day you’ve all been waiting is finally here. You entered. The judges judged. The results are in.  B&T ‘s 2019 30 Under 30 shortlist has been compiled. Are you excited? Because we sure are (Almost as excited as you’re going to be if you made the shortlist).


Creating a Business by Pursuing Your Passion

By Are young people too entitled when it comes to work? | press | 11 Mar 2019 |

Recent comments from Natalie Brennan, GM of Muffin Break about unpaid internships have inspired debate. Who is more entitled- young people or employers? Lauren Kress – The Business Scientist and CEO at The Change Makers spoke about both sides of the issue.


How To Stick To Your New Years Resolutions!

By Hit FM radio with Johnno & Rach | press | 16 Jan 2019 |

Why do so many of us fail at our New Year Resolutions? Here's how to stick to them!


Business Blast Podcast: Lauren Kress, CEO at The Change Makers

By Business Blast Podcast with Tyler Wagner | press | 5 Jan 2019 |

Lauren Kress, CEO at The Change Makers, is one of the few scientists and innovators of the millennial generation whose knowledge of investment-led growth is transforming decision-making in the business world. You can learn more about Lauren here:


Volunteering helps you out of your job rut

By Triple M, Australia By Night with Stephen Cenatiempo | press | 5 Dec 2018 |

Today is international volunteers day and Lauren Kress​ CEO of The Change Makers joined Stephen to discuss the fact that volunteering could help you out of your job rut.


Volunteering helps you out of your job rut?

By 6PR Perth Tonight with Chris Isley | press | 4 Dec 2018 |

Hate your job? You aren’t the only one – last year’s Gallup Poll showed as many as 85% of us are dissatisfied with the work we do, which has widespread implications for our mental, emotional and social well-being.


Creating a Business by Pursuing Your Passion

By The Gifters Podcast | press | 13 Sep 2018 |

Lauren Kress is a business consultant and coach helping people attain financial freedom by pursuing their passion. Find her here: or @laurenkress89. 


Australian Journal of Pharmacy Broadcasts Industry Event Via Facebook Live

By B&T | press | 15 Mar 2017 |

The  Australian Journal of Pharmacy (AJP)  has provided its readers-come-viewers with wall-to-wall broadcast coverage from Australia’s largest Pharmacy event on Facebook Live.

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