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Business Scientist, Lauren Kress

By Innovator Diaries, Ricardo Gutierrez | press | 5 Aug 2019 |

Source: Ricardo Gutierrez, Innovator Diaries

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Lauren is a business scientist. She uses science to help empower businesses and achieve their goals.

Lauren was homeschooled as a child. From a very young age, she was very interested in chemistry and biology – something that carried through adulthood. With this background, Lauren loved university where she enjoyed studying philosophy, biology, psychology.

Straight out of university, Lauren landed in a marketing role in the pharmaceutical industry. She excelled so much in what she did that she quickly made a name in the area of communications that several companies wanted her on board.

Having extensive experience in agency work and very impressive knowledge of sciences, Lauren knew she was bound to bid goodbye to the 9-5 job and set up her own business, which she did. Now, Lauren is the owner of The Change Makers Collective, where she empowers Australian businesses and ensure their success by using neuroscience and behavioural psychology.

In this interview, Lauren talks about the science behind her career. She shares her top advice for people looking to break out the barriers of society and start their journey. Lauren also talks about some of her favorite business books, and how she became The Business Scientist.

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