5 Pillars for brand growth

Unlock the full potential of your business by addressing the gaps in your brand strategy

5 Pillars for Brand Growth

Our 5 Pillar system will help you get crystal clear on the purpose and function of every brand-related activity in your business.

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Your Reason to Exist

Pillar 1: Purpose & Contribution

Your Vision, Mission, Brand Values and the Value you offer

Why does your business exist? Where is your business headed? How will you get there? What are the guiding principles for your behaviour? This pillar is all about getting crystal clear on the purpose of your business and the problem you solve.

Your unique image

Pillar 2: Distinct & Salient Brand Assets

The sensory cues you use so people can identify and recognise you

For your business to be recognisable and memorable, it needs to have an identity that is salient and sticky. Here we look at what assets you have, and what else we can create to help your target audience remember you.

Reaching your audience

Pillar 3: Media & Market Penetration

Reach & engage your key stakeholders with compelling content

The media you create to deliver your brand messages is like your mode of transportation - and it must be created with it's destination in mind.

Making it easy to purchase

Pillar 4: Points of Sale

Where people go to consider and make a purchase

The buyers journey is an emotional roller-coaster ride and we need to understand when, where and how our customers want to buy from us to optimise conversion and customer experience.

Committing to Growth

Pillar 5: Resource & Funding

Time, budget, skillsets and people committed to growing your brand

Why do we include this in our brand pillars? Because brand growth requires investment-led strategies. If your business has profitability and cash flow issues - it's important to figure this out first.

It's a bit of a chicken-and-egg conundrum in the early days of a business or a new product launch - particularly without capital to invest from the outset.

But even with capital, it's important we don't put the cart before the horse when it comes to growing your brand.

Investing in pilot programs and agile learning is key to developing your proof of concept and making reasonable predictions for overall business performance.

Take our Brand Growth Diagnostic Assessment

To help you identify the strengths and weaknesses of your current brand growth activities we've also developed a free Brand Growth Diagnostic assessment tool to help you uncover the opportunities across your business to build brand equity.

By taking the diagnostic assessment you will identify:

  • Gaps in your marketing activities
  • Opportunities to grow your personal and business brand
  • Aspects of your business that you can leverage to grow
  • Best practices to continue building brand equity

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