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It's time to stop working with bad marketers

There's a lot of well-intentioned bad advice out there.

Many marketing coaches and consultants are unqualified and inexperienced to provide the strategic insights you need to grow your business.

These providers focus on pushing the solutions they sell rather than finding the strategies you need.

At The Change Makers Collective we work closely with our clients as a marketing partner throughout their business journey.

We provide consulting, training, project management and specialist recruitment services so you can:

- Get more customers
- Grow brand equity
- Increase market share

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Client testimonials

Robin Miles Inspire Me Testimonial

Substantiated Strategies and Actions

"Working with Lauren and The Change Makers Collective has been an absolute privilege and I couldn't recommend her higher. It's rare now days to have someone that gives you the honest feedback you need and then the strategies and actions that are backed up with substantiation to achieve the outcomes you want

- Robin Miles, InspireMe Consulting

Robert Crowe Leading for Purpose

A Transformational Journey

"This journey has been transformational not only from a marketing point of view but has shown me how messaging and medium are so important to get right. Lauren has really challenged me as a business owner and helped me to home in on the important success factors for my clients. She has also ingrained the philosophy of marketing and brand as a long game that needs to come from an authentic place of service. I am very values driven and have been impressed how she has persisted over time (some of the planning session were tough) in getting to the heart of what I want to achieve, showing me how to interact and talk with my clients at a different level."

- Robert Crowe, CEO & Founder, Leading for Purpose

Robert Crowe Leading for Purpose

The Value for Money is Second-to-None

"A 90-minute LinkedIn Marketing Session with Lauren has already assisted Cloud Staffing to acquire 2 extra LinkedIn clients in the following week proceeding the session. Copier World in Sydney and Exante Digital in Sydney come on board in the following week alone and we are excited for all the other clients that will follow. The value for money provided by Lauren is second to none."

- Brenton Butler, Founder, Cloud Staffing

Robert Crowe Leading for Purpose

She is the Best

"5 stars for Lauren’s passion to improve ROI and grow businesses. Her subject matter expertise helped me understand some complicated business perceptions. She is a joy to talk to. Lauren is constantly sharing information to help entrepreneurs make their job easy and impactful. She is the best."

- Armina Fareed, Digital Marketing Consultant, Asante Africa Foundation

Sean McGuinness, Founder Livelong Performance

I Couldn't Recommend Her Highly Enough!

"Working with Lauren has been one of the best things I have done for my health and fitness business. I have worked with and consulted with numerous high profile marketing people who never 'got me'. Lauren really took the time to understand my vision and package it in a way where I always struggled. I couldn't recommend her highly enough!"

- Sean McGuinness, Founder, Livelong Performance

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